Think You Know Everything About Roman Blinds? Here are 5 Things Which You Didn’t!

Consider these 5 facts about roman blinds and make the final decision. Period!


Roman Blinds Sheffield

Dating back to the ancient time, and since eons the Roman Blinds in Sheffield have been an all time favorite when it comes to window coverings. And to be honest they’re still a great choice for modern blinds.

So are you considering roman blinds as your window covering of choice?

Consider these 5 facts about roman blinds and make the final decision. Period!

  • When in Rome Do as the Romans Do!

At the time where vacuum cleaners hadn’t yet been invented, roads were unsealed, and construction keep going on. Furthermore, ancient roman gave us underfloor heating, roads, plumbing, and you won’t believe “roman blinds.”

The Romans dipped sheets of fabric into water and hung them from their windows, keeping dust at bay and creating a type of low-tech air conditioning!

Sounds Intriguing eh!

  • Yes They Mean Business!

Don’t you want to live in a dust-free and safe and most importantly from their neighbors prying eyes?

Roman homemakers leapt on to the design trend, and soon there was demand for mass-market production of the blinds in a host of different patterns, colors and fabrics. Imminent for their creativity, the Romans also came up with roman blinds which was an easily monetized invention, according to architecture and interior design.

  • No Harm in Being Multitaskers Right?

Having the freedom from dust and privacy were some of the best benefit of roman blinds. So is that all? No roman blinds helped block out the sun. In comparison to modern day roman blinds, the roman blinds today have really improved in leaps and bounds upon the invention of the ancient Romans, with block-out options and fabrics with improved heat resistance!

  • Customization is the Name of The Game!

Basically, we associate roman blinds with textured cloth because of their historic origins. But modern roman blinds can be made from just about any material, this includes wood and contemporary cellular fabric. This simple combination of their simple design and new technology means custom made blinds are increasingly popular and that it’s easy to incorporate your roman blinds to your decor!

  • Hassle Free and Low on Maintenance

Yes roman blinds are a easy to install and maintain. A person can quickly and easily put them up, and a wipe-down or a quick brush keeps them in great shape.

The notion of modern blinds takes you back to history, but still roman blinds are the way to go!

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