In Search of Some Cool Interior Designing and Decoration Secret? You’re at the Right Place!

using these interior design techniques will help you create a gorgeous, comfortable, and functional space.



Cool Interior Designing and Decoration
Interior Designing and Decoration

The furniture placement, color usage, lighting techniques well it all depends on the mood and requirement of a person. But using these techniques will help you create a gorgeous, comfortable, and functional space.

  • Mix Those Patterns!

Have you ever tried mixing different prints and patterns?

Yes it seems something cool right!

But if you are a novice the easiest way to go is to mix those prints together. As they fall into place quickly and look quite splendid without a lot of effort they surely do the trick. Do a little research and make sure you follow some rules of mixing prints!

  • Fresh and Green That’s What Plants are!

Looking to add a style statement or just want to fill an empty corner or table bringing plants indoor?

Well plants adds depth and character to any room and make the aura even better and refreshed they add the much-needed color to some rooms. Keep fresh flowers or indoor potted plants to give it a fresh look.

  • The Soft and Fluffy Cushions?

So is question has bugging you?

You can use cushions in your sofa or settee yes its a struggle to know an optimum number therefore never go for a single pair the minimum that looks visually appealing is two pairs.

  • Small rooms and the Myth Surrounding them!

Yes small rooms look lovely in perfect light or dark colors and in fact tend to look bigger if you want it to. Buying small furniture for small rooms may make it look even smaller. Yes these facts are really counter-intuitive but they really work Try it and see!

  • Shoe Shoes All the Way!

Why don’t you do yourself a favor go horizontal!

As slanted shoe shelves take up more space storing your footwear slanted, obviously, changes its shape over time.

Finally keep books and magazines around for guests to read while they visit you. Make sure that there is continuous air conditioning and the place is always sparkling clean!


Use items like mildly scented potpourri, scented candles, and other aromatherapy products that will leave a lilting fragrance in your home. Include a small water body like a fountain or an artificial waterfall in the drawing area for a peaceful environment!


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