Is it Viable to Reupholster Old Furniture or Take New Furniture?

Reupholstery can cost just as much as buying new furniture, depending on the work required and fabric used.

Upholstery And Reupholstery Services At Marsh And Co
Upholstery and Re-upholstery Services at Marsh and Co.

Do you have old furniture in your home, without a doubt you are tired of it?

That cozy chair you’ve spent years curling up has lost its luster. It’s dirty and the fabric is ripped

If its your favorite chair, you probably don’t want to get rid of it RIGHT?

Is there anything you can do to save it?

Not to worry you can revive it by giving it a new look since older pieces of furniture get stuck in closets and attics and with time are just forgotten, but with a little experiment and imagination, can put these well-built sturdy pieces of furniture to work in no time. This is a choice many people come to face at some point in their lifetime.

So its better if people consider the quality of furniture and its sentimental value prior to deciding whether to reupholster or replace. A new couch or chair might cost less than reupholstery but not last as long as older, quality furniture. Consumers need to consider the following factors when deciding whether to repair or replace their worn couches and chairs.

Reupholstery can cost just as much as buying new furniture, depending on the work required and fabric used. For example, if you need a single cushion re-stuffed or reupholstered if your, the job may cost about £80. But if your couch needs a full overhaul that involves re-stuffing, reupholstery and repairs to springs or backboards, the job could cost you as need be.

Fabric drives the cost, with a typical sofa using about 13 yards of fabric and a typical chair using about 7 yards, upholstery fabric typically costs between £20 and £70 per yard or more, depending on quality. Many manufacturers lowered their standards in recent years by using woods previously unsuitable for furniture frames. Manufacturers often assemble frames with staples and fast-drying epoxy, as opposed to older furniture, built with strong hardwood and screws, she says. Screws last longer because they don’t loosen as easily as staples.

The amount of fabric affects labor costs more fabric means more labor. Intensive or special reupholstery work, such as the following, can increase labor costs:

  • Attaching, replacing or fixing welt cords, or fabric cords that outline the seams of cushions and pillows
  • Working on couches with zippers
  • Whether all shapes and patterns align
  • Tufting, forming patterns by threading through fabric and tying the ends with buttons or knots

Generally, frames last longer in chairs and sofas. As old furniture is always better built you can consider keeping that couch or stuffed chair if the furniture remains sturdy with a quality frame. You can have round & squared cushions, different fabrics, or can get it revamped to what you want it to look like it becomes a bit more custom!

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