Some Basic Things to Remember in Reupholstery!

Reupholstery is a perfect way to revive a much loved piece without compromising on the style, comfort and most importantly the original design.

Reupholstery Leeds
Reupholstery Leeds

Are you decorating or redecorating?

Planning of creating a whole new ambiance or just making a few changes?

Are you going to be integrating your reupholstery with a new or existing décor?

If your furniture isn’t of a good quality but has seen much better days, re-upholstery is the ideal solution. Reupholstery leeds is a perfect way to revive a much loved piece without compromising on the style, comfort and most importantly the original design.

Consumers should keep in mind the quality of furniture and its sentimental value before deciding whether to reupholster or replace. A new couch or chair might cost less than reupholstery but not last as long as older, quality furniture.

The consumers need to make sure that their expectations are realistic and achievable when hiring an upholstery company such as Marshandco.

As you can’t never duplicate what’s done in the factory, as this is what many times what people are expecting. Supposing a person has 3 antique, high backed, wing chairs in blue velvet that is dirty and full of dog hair. Now say one of them has tears in the fabric on top from the dog siting no it, even the front of the chairs don’t look bad and the cushions are perfect because they were covered in plastic before. You can have the seats cleaned and just have the tops (backs) recovered in a complementary fabric. Will save a lot or money that way.

The Springs/Frame need te be replaced

Does the frame need to be repaired or rebuilt?

Has the wood frame bent overtime?

Do the springs need to be retied or replaced with new new ones put in place?

Part of the re-upholstery costs may include reinforcing the frame and the joints to keep your favorite chair in good working order.

Altering the Shape and Height!

The shape and height of a furniture piece can be changed when re-upholstering.Yes you’ve heard it right, but keep in mind, this takes time, labor and extra material, so the cost will go up.

Tufting, Buttons and Details

Does your special furniture piece involve any special details?

What this includes tufting, which is the practice of pulling, folding or sewing in a contoured pattern, usually in the shapes of a diamond or square.

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